Sock Everlasting

‘Everlasting’ Sock – an original design.

I usually knit for myself, but once in a blue moon I get the urge to knit for someone special. As I was wandering through the wonderland of one of my favorite LYSes, A Verb For Keeping Warm in Oakland, CA, I happened across a simple skein of sock yarn in a beguiling ruby color aptly named ‘Peep Toes.’ The yarn was Primo Fingering by indie-dyer The Plucky Knitter – someone new to me. The skein felt great, having a bit of cashmere in addition to merino wool & nylon in the blend. At first I resisted its charm citing the pile of sock yarn waiting at home to be knitted. Then came the idea. I turned to my dear friend Annie who was shopping with me. With big wide cow-eyes I asked, “I have no budget for buying yarn right now but if I make a pair of socks out of this yarn for June (Annie’s partner), will you buy the yarn?” Annie started to tear up. She was touched and moved that I would make June a pair of socks.

Front view of the ‘Everlasting’ sock

After many iterations I came up with a design I call “Everlasting”, named after the stitch (an original design) which reminds me of a celtic knot which can symbolize everlasting love: a fitting tribute to Annie and June. The sock is knit from the toe up using the Sherman Heel technique for knitting both the heel and toe. I plan on publishing this pattern on Ravelry soon.

‘Everlasting’ Sock – detail


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2 Responses to Sock Everlasting

  1. Lyn says:

    I LOVE this story 🙂

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