Tour de Fleece Has Kept Me Busy

Before: unspun BFL/Silk top from Greenwood Fiberworks in ‘Grapevine’

After: BFL/SIlk from Greenwood Fiberworks in color ‘Grapevine’
Handspun 3-ply yarn, 148 yards, 4 oz.

Sorry for the delay in new posts. I took a week off from work, went out of town on vacation for a couple days (more on that in another post), and most importantly have been VERY busy spinning for Tour de Fleece.

Huh? Tour de What? Tour de Fleece is an annual event on Ravelry that asks its participants to spin (even just a little) every day that the Tour de France cycling race runs. It started June 30th and ends July 22nd. One can join countless teams, each one having a different theme. I have joined seven (!): Rookies (ie. first years), Team Stashbusters, Team Schacht (my brand of spinning wheel), Team Greenwood Fiberworks, Team Cupcake, Team Woolgatherings, and Team Three Waters Farm, the last four of which are indie dyers. Each team has its own requirements, but basically what you do is spin on the day the race runs and then post about it, maybe with a picture. You don’t necessarily have to post every day (unless your team requires).

So far I’ve completed one spinning project, pictured above. It’s made out of 4 oz. of BFL/Silk top from Greenwood Fiberworks in the colorway ‘Grapevine.’ It ended up being one skein, 148 yards of worsted-ish weight yarn. It’s not very consistent because I’m learning a new spinning technique, long-draw over-the-fold. I’m VERY happy with the results and it will make a smashing hat. The BFL wool is nicely soft and squooshy and the 15% silk gives it just a hint of subtle shimmer.

I’ll be writing more about my Tour de Fleece adventures. Although there are prizes given out, my primary goal for participating is to improve my skill by SPINNING EVERY DAY. I’m sure I’ll come up with some interesting observations about this practice as the tour progresses.


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One Response to Tour de Fleece Has Kept Me Busy

  1. Wow, those are you colors if I have ever seen them. Can’t wait to see the hat and more spinning!

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