My Video Mentor: longdrawjames

I must share a video with you – a youtube video that has changed my spinning life. Allow me to introduce… longdrawjames.


Ever since I started spinning I’ve attempted and failed to master the “long draw” technique – a technique that yields a lofty, fluffy yarn full of air and life. Among its advantages is a more speedy spin. Spinning a certain amount of fiber simply takes much less time (some say 1/7th the time) using long draw, a woolen technique, versus a worsted technique such as short-forward draw, the only technique I’ve mastered.

A short time ago I stumbled upon longdrawjames’ video on long draw and was entranced: entranced by his accent, entranced by his graceful hands, and entranced by his technique. Best of all, I am well on my way to mastering the long draw technique! You must watch. And enjoy.


About fotoknit

Knitter, spinner, knitwear designer, photographer, blogger, former yarn shop owner.
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One Response to My Video Mentor: longdrawjames

  1. nadia says:

    Just stopped by to enjoy your blog. Lovely yarns that you’re producing. I used to knit and spin, as did my mom who was known as “the Mad Ripper”. Also really enjoyed the Ben Venom video. Very refreshing!
    best from Tunisia,

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