Knitting in Public, Part 2

Coming out: Knitting on the Ferry

A little while ago I wrote about my hesitancy of ‘coming out of the knitting closet’ and knitting by myself in public. I’m happy to report that I’ve started the coming out process by knitting on the way home from work. I chose an ‘easy’ situation: a late ferry boat ride with only a few people sitting around me. Still, it felt a bit empowering being able to whip out my knitting while on a boring half-hour ferry ride.

I’ve only done it once; my project is now too large and cumbersome to take along while I commute. I look forward to starting my next project – on the ferry!


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Knitter, spinner, knitwear designer, photographer, blogger, former yarn shop owner.
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4 Responses to Knitting in Public, Part 2

  1. This is why you should always have a pair of socks on the needles.

  2. mary knapp-samet says:

    go Warren, it is amazing how much more you get done1

  3. Lisa P. says:

    Hey, I gave you a list of small projects… I need some socks and fingerless gloves…
    I’m serious dude!

  4. Katherine says:

    Just think about all the extra knitting time you’ve just given yourself! The stares are a little off putting at first, but once you finish a pair of socks or two they seem less bothersome.

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