How I Came to Love Gray… or is it Grey?

Three Greys from the Plucky Knitter

Three greys from The Pluck Knitter
L to R: Route 2 in Plucky Sweater, Barely Birch in Plucky Traveler, Medieval in Primo Worsted

I love color. While learning the basics of nature photography years ago, my interest in the black & white genre was non-existent. From the start I filled my camera with color slide film, never dabbling in the black & white darkroom. Likewise, when it comes to knitting and spinning, I gravitate towards colors both saturated and subtle. I love to play with blues, greens, reds, browns, oranges, and all the rest in endless ways. More so than with photography, the fiber crafts allow me to actually design with color, almost as if I’m painting. I’ve gone through many phases of making nothing but stranded-knitting (a.k.a. fair isle) projects, combining six to ten different shades of yarn – what fun! Learning to spin last year opened up an even greater realm of color possibilites; last February at the Stitches West convention I went so far as to splurge on an assortment of 80 different solid colors of merino spinning fiber from Opulent Fibers. That’s right, 80 colors!

Although knitting garments in all the beautiful colors of the rainbow is a great deal of fun, wearing all those colors is a different matter entirely. When it comes to sweaters and vests, knitting with colors that coordinate with the rest of my wardrobe is a good thing; but, due to my love of color, I’ve never considered knitting with neutral shades such as grey. Even so, the question begs to be asked: what could be more versatile than a grey vest?

Route 2 in Plucky Sweater

Route 2 in Plucky Sweater (Merino/Nylon) from The Plucky Knitter

The Plucky Knitter turned my head around regarding grey.   Sarah Dimond dyes up the most beautifully subtle colors of yarn in her Michigan studio and are only available during scheduled updates online in her Etsy shop, her blog, and her e-commerce website.

Medieval in Primo Worsted from The Plucky Knitter

Medieval in Primo Worsted (Merino/Cashmere/Nylon) from The Plucky Knitter

One of Sarah’s specialties is the color grey. I count over twenty shades of grey currently featured in Sarah’s Flicker set of repeatable colorways. Twenty shades of grey! There are warm greys, neutral greys, cool greys, greenish greys, bluish greys, pinkish greys, and on and on. With names like High Cotton, Flannel, Medieval, Elegant Elephant, and Route 2, there is a grey to please most everyone.

I’m so enchanted with her greys that my next personal project will be a textured vest  using a Plucky grey. I’ve sampled three of her greys (pictured above), each one dyed in one of her high-quality yarn bases: Primo Worsted (Merino/Cashmere/Nylon), Traveler (Merino/Silk/Yak) and my favorite, Plucky Sweater (Merino/Nylon). Whether I’m able to get Plucky Sweater in my favorite color remains to be seen… I will report back soon!


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4 Responses to How I Came to Love Gray… or is it Grey?

  1. agujasblog says:

    Those grays are nice.

  2. Julie Rose says:

    Oh my goodness, those are gorgeous. And the yarn looks so sproingy– that stitch definition on the moss stitch is amazing! I love the idea of color changes in a gray (grey? who knows!) yarn.

  3. Cat says:

    It’s amazing how one never realizes how beautiful something can be in such a neutral color. You really turned my head with your swatches! Just fell in LOVE with that dark sample, reminds me of storm clouds so I’m off to go find some gray yarns now!! THANX!!!

    • Cat says:

      WELL!!! I went off to find and find I DID!!! I found some beautiful gray yarn from Brooklyn Tweed and would you believe it called Storm Cloud!? Is that just perfect or what?? 🙂

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