Rug Making – The Coolest Video EVER for fiber lovers

I stumbled upon this video moments ago, courtesy of, my new favorite shopping site. They are currently having a sale of rugs by nanimarquina, a contemporary area rug manufacturer based in Barcelona, Spain. Their rugs are designed by talented people in their offices and then hand made in India and other neighboring countries. One of their goals is to reinvent the rug trade by eliminating child labor. Anyone who is enamored with fiber will find this video fascinating and inspiring. Near the end of the video is a shot of designers playing with tiny bundles of wool in hundreds of colors – it makes me salivate. When it came to rugs, I never really knew what “hand-tufted” or “hand-knotted” meant – until now that is. Enjoy.

ps: I highly recommend clicking the ‘full screen’ icon in the lower right corner of the video; the footage of India is quite beautiful to watch.


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3 Responses to Rug Making – The Coolest Video EVER for fiber lovers

  1. Barbara Kugler says:

    Thanks for posting this Warren. The rugs and techniques are beautiful!

  2. Addie says:

    I just got a chance to watch the video and it is fantastic. I love seeing all those techniques of sewing, weaving, knotting, dying etc. Thanks for sharing!

  3. toniCarr says:

    Great video. Thanks for posting. Love all the colors and designs. I followed your directions and viewed it full screen.

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