Spinning for a Sweater, Part 3

English Shetland Wool Top in color ‘Spice Jar’ from Meat Sheep Industries

My first sweater-spin project is coming along nicely. The bundle of Shetland wool above is gradually turning into the skeins of yummy yarn below:

‘Spice Jar’ spun into a 3 ply yarn.

Up close, you can see the slight variation in color between the three plies that make up this yarn.

Close up of Spice Jar 3-ply handspun yarn

The effect is subtle, as you can see in the following photo of my first swatch! How exciting.

Stockinette swatch knitted from Spice Jar handspun

So far I have about 5 skeins. I have yet to measure my yardage. It will be very interesting to see how much yardage I get out of 24 oz. of spun fiber.

Next time I will talk about color variations in the unspun fiber and how that can translate into very different skeins of yarn.


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Knitter, spinner, knitwear designer, photographer, blogger, former yarn shop owner.
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