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Posing 101 on

As a knitwear designer, I’m always looking for ways to improve my photography skills. I may be able to whip up a pattern for a sweater but taking flattering pictures of said sweater is another challenge altogether.

Although not specific to the hand-knitting industry, I’ve stumbled upon a terrific resource to help improve your skills and create better photos. CreativeLive is a website that provides an amazing array of instructional videos aimed at the creative professional, including photographers of all kinds. General photography topics include fashion, portraiture, wedding, outdoor, posing, lighting, Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. Leading industry professions talk in front of a live studio audience and demonstrate what they teach.

These video classes are offered for sale so you can watch them at any time. What’s really cool is that they regularly present live streaming broadcasts of their classes, during which time you can watch them free! A calendar on their website lists all their live webcasts for the upcoming months.

Many of these videos are day-long affairs, requiring you to set aside large blocks of time (from 8a – 5p) to watch an entire class live, which is why paying their fee makes sense. For example, going price for a 3 session/42 video class is $130. They also run sales, like they’re running right now on this really great class on posing:

Posing 101 by Lindsay Adler on CreativeLive

The free preview is a whopping 45 minutes long and gives great advice on posture, directing your subjects, and most-flattering types of poses. In my opinion, the preview alone is a must-see for us designers photographing our creations on real people!


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