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Knitwear design has taken a back seat to other things in my life during the past couple of years, but I’m back in full designer-mode these days, which makes me happy. I’ve been doing a lot of swatching lately. Here’s … Continue reading

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Improve Your Photo Skills

As a knitwear designer, I’m always looking for ways to improve my photography skills. I may be able to whip up a pattern for a sweater but taking flattering pictures of said sweater is another challenge altogether. Although not specific … Continue reading

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The Birth of a Cowl

Normally I’m a disciplined knitter; I finish what I start before beginning a new project. Because I am currently suffering from multiple project idea disorder, I find it hard to stick to one project for very long. Case in point: … Continue reading

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Sock Everlasting

I usually knit for myself, but once in a blue moon I get the urge to knit for someone special. As I was wandering through the wonderland of one of my favorite LYSes, A Verb For Keeping Warm in Oakland, … Continue reading

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Let’s Try This Again

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a knitter, spinner, former yarn shop owner, photographer, software developer, and up-and-coming knitwear designer. I’m aiming with this blog to spread the love I have for knitting, spinning, designing, and the fiber arts in … Continue reading

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